Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the terms of commitment of the site to your privacy. Acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy is a pre-requisite to visit this website. If you visit this site, it means you have accepted the terms of this Privacy Policy.

himures Systems Private Limited is the company that owns and operates the network of sites, which includes this site.

  1. Information We Collect
    1. Business Information: We collect information that relate to your business. This includes, but is not limited to, your contact details, company profile information, trade leads, buy leads, catalogs and inquiries. All such data is collected when you voluntarily submit your information to this site for your registration and subsequent use of our site or as a result of signing up for some newsletter, sending us email, feedback or filling some customer survey on our site.
    2. Payment Information: This includes any information relating to any payment made or attempted to be made to our company via credit card, cheque or bank transfer to use our services. This includes, but is not limited to, name, address, email address, phone number, credit card number, CVV number, bank details, cheque number, etc.
    3. Statistical Information: This includes Visitor’s IP Address, browser software, operating system, and pages viewed and so forth.
    4. Collectively Business Information, Payment information and Statistical Information are referred to as "Information Gathered".
  2. How We Use and Share Information
    1. Business Information: Since we are in the business of collecting and publishing business information to maximize the reach of the businesses registered with us, it is safe to assume that all "Business Information" will be publicly available on the site and therefore can be accessed by any Internet User. All Business information that you disclose to our site automatically becomes accessible to the public information. So you are requested to take care in disclosing any information that are copyrighted or covered under any confidentiality agreement. We reserve the right to publish the data in any format that we feel is necessary which includes, but is not limited to, any of our sites, print media, CDs, DVDs and any media known or not known today. This information may also be shared with authorised agents who sell our services or provide support to our customers and with verification agencies for the purpose of third party verification of the Business Information.
    2. Payment Information: These details are never disclosed to anybody other than if required by law. With specific regards to credit card information while ordering online, all such data is directly submitted at our payment gateways and no data is stored with the site.
    3. Statistical Information: We collect and aggregate statistical information to sell and market our services better, manage and diagnose our problems. We use third party software and services to collect and manage the statistical information like Google Analytics, click-tracking software, log analysis, etc. so this data will be available to them as well. Sharing of Statistical Information with any other parties is on aggregate basis without any personal information
  3. Disclosure of Information
    1. We reserve the right to disclose the "Information Gathered" if required by law or if we feel not revealing such information would be detrimental to our interest or the interests of our users.
  4. Hyperlinks to Other Websites
    1. Our Site may provide hyperlinks, which takes you to content, products and/or services offered by third parties, like websites of our member companies, etc. You are assumed to read such sites' privacy policies, terms of use and/or terms and conditions before using such sites. Our site has no control over such third party's web sites and we are not responsible or liable to anyone for such web sites, or their content, products or services.
  5. Cookies
    1. We use cookies to identify you on our website. Most login based sites use cookies and this is quite normal.
  6. Data Security
    1. We take measures to protect our data that contains information related to you. However, as a consideration for viewing this site or interacting with this site in any manner, you waive all claims of any nature against this site concerning the loss, alteration, or misuse of information.